A show of unity

Much needed jazz playlist for tonight or old school christmas tunes for you.

There are two types of people on social media right now: those who – like me – pasted blue, white and red on their profile picture, and those who did not. In the latter group, some just don’t really feel the need to do so, and others really see in that action that it has no use – and they’re right!


Me having those colors over Ryan’s awesome photo of me in North Carolina really won’t make terrorism go bye-bye, nor will it bring those 150 people back from the dead. You know why I did it? Because my chat sidebar looks like the French flag right now, and if that can’t make us proud – that millions of humans from all nations and religions can proudly carry my flag for a few days or weeks – I think we are missing the point!

A virtual show of love, of care & a pinch of attention-seeking is a pretty cool situation if I do say myself. Now, to the elephant in the room: how must we react now? On an individual level after we’ve changed our profile pictures back and go about our business, how will we change the world?

Some of my friends shared that their friends who come from immigrant families – even a few generations back -are afraid of how their future will shape out in France. Will they be feared? Will they be blamed? Will they continue to be stigmatised?

We must not make any amalgams! We must use these times to tell our moms, dads, family and friends that we love them! We must drink hot chocolate with friends, listen to Christmas songs, pray for those families and those who are planning more attacks – that their hearts would be changed and broken down to realise that they were made for so much more. That their heart seeks what only God can give them, and that the peace and glory they are trying to reach through their acts of terrorism will only lead to death and condemnation. It is a sad and twisted lie they’ve been led to believe, and we shall not stand for it. Nor will I agree to hating them, or lose hope that we have a God who can change hearts.

Every time you say you love someone, remember that they are what life here is about. It’s not about your Facebook profile picture color, it’s about loving and seeking peace & unity through tragedy.


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