Cold white screens & warm wrinkly hands

This playlist for today – it’s not a subliminal message.


A few years back I wrote an article for The Rebellution on technology. We millennials spend a majority of our time trying to connect via social networks, and I think it’s because of our insatiable desire to do just that: connect. I’m the first to blatantly confess I’ve “cyber-stalked” guys, and I spend too much time going back and forth between different social platforms to see if anyone has done anything worthy of a few seconds of my attention. Makes me think my attention is purchased at a cheap price, since I’m willing to spend time reading things I never sought out in the first place just because I’m bored.

Retour Charnay 011


& let’s talk about boredom. My favorite memory as a kid is still when our parents would turn off all the lights in the house (a 3-story one so prepare the giggles and screams of terrors from our little 8 year old bodies), and officially announce the opening of another round of hide & seek. With hearts beating so hard you could only hope dad couldn’t hear it as he slowly creeped through the hallways promising a serious tickling if he found one of us. Those few seconds of pure anticipation were so fun! They made us kids go to another dimension where we were truly (but not really) in danger of getting found, and that we had to find the most original hiding spot. Pretty sure Melissa once fit into a one-piece ski suit still on the hangar and hid there for a good while. Oh the fun of being light as a feather.


Can you imagine if I’d had a screen back then? If my parents’ had iPads, laptops and the whole world at their disposition with only one click, they would have missed out on the most important thing in the world: our family!


We took walks! So many walks. Each one of them added a new chapter to the scary Goonster story, with each new walk we discovered the routes mom had found around St. Romain. On some walks we’d see deer, on others horses, and on every single one we had our loyal companion Kory. He was a handsome dog with love for each and every one of us Varak sheep. Always trying to save us from the evils of a pool or getting so excited about something he’d pull us right into flight-mode when on a leash. Good boy Mocky.

Retour Charnay 030

Melissa and I created La Baraque des Varaks. Entrepreneurs like us would have taken over the world with enough investment. We rode our bikes, and roller-bladed until we’d fallen enough times to have permanent scars on our knees (still going strong & making any dress just so very sexy). In the forest behind the house a tree-house was built – so many lessons come out of that. Team work, calculations, perseverance through rainy saturday afternoons, physical strength to carry branches, ladders and tools.


How sad would it have been for us not to have those moments! Jordan, Melissa and I are still close today and I know it’s because we built such a strong foundation as kids. I’m so thankful we didn’t have a TV until high-school, and didn’t get personal laptops until College. I’m also glad I sometimes get a glimpse of what life could be when I forget my phone at home, or when it’s being repaired. Just last week without it, I realised how lovely it was to silently take a shower and think, drive to school without a sound, read my bible without a million pings from Facebook, draw and write without a screen to mess up my vision. It’s just a pretty solid life out there, & I’m so very scared we will miss out on it.


So that boredom I talked about? It’s important! It is the reason behind crazy inventions, intricately woven novels, and adventures through Wal-Mart. That silence is so important for me to take time to listen to God, talk to him and actually have a relationship with Him! It’s also what begs us to actually talk to our friends when we’re at a cafe and afraid of awkward silences.


All that to say I’ve decided to burn my MacBook Air, grow a beard and start making my own beer.



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  1. Becky Good says:

    I loved this, “little lady emilie”! I loved you little and now I love you big–what a lovely woman you have become!! Kent & I are so thankful that we had the privilege of knowing your family when you three were young. You were a delight to be around and I’m sure you still are…I just don’t have that pleasure.😥 Like your parents, we chose not to have a TV and to leave margins in our lives to be still before the Lord & to enjoy simple pleasures & meaningful conversation. The advent of the computer & all the other devices & media has made it more complicated & tempting! So many things vy for our attention, but the choice is ours whether or not to answer. Thanks for this lovely reminder of the blessings of connecting with real people, especially family. Praying for the Lord’s special blessing on your life, sweetie, and sending you lots of love & cyber hugs. Becky for us both 😘

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