Why our generation really might change the world

You know why I have hope for my generation? Every few months, I get to see thousands of anonymous internet-users come together and help out a family in need. Sending cards to an autistic kid via imgur, or money to a 7 time cancer-fighting 12 year old, or helping a homeless Parisian man get his dog back.

Sure, we are rudely awkward looking at our phones instead of suffering boredom at the dinner table with our friends, & we tend to spend more time looking at screens than fellow humans. But honestly, I can’t even begin to list all the things our generation is accomplishing: we are in contact with countries we never thought we could be friends with, we create communities for the sick and lonely, we help suicidal people through reddit, organise Tedx Talks throughout the world, and use our tech-savvyness  to create cutting edge products/services.

Generations that came before us: give us a break. Let us take a few years to live and learn from our mistakes, forgive us when our ugliest and most hormonal years are shared through all social media platforms, and be patient as we explore these new tools as they help us become better. You went through growing pains too, and had a whole generation of people complain about your ways as well.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. SleepOnIt says:

    this is great! actually positive stuff for a change!

    1. Thanks! Was getting tired of hearing about how selfish and lazy our generation is 🙂

      1. SleepOnIt says:

        exactly! 🙂

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