6 Tips to getting over the winter blues (or pasty whites)

It has begun guys.

The sky is overcast, there’s drizzle falling from the sky and my hair is in a perpetual state of electrified confusion. Though your toes may be sad and wet, and your skin is quickly going back to it’s natural state of aspirin-white (designers love this color!) there is hope for the next few months. It doesn’t have to be a constant countdown to Christmas, or summer – we can actually enjoy these next few months!

Tips to not getting the winter blues - Little Lady Emilie
Succulents make the world go round, and this view was to die for.

Here are a few tips I’ve racked up from living in quite literally the greyest city in the universe and beyond (I know this from the research I did for my imaginary degree in Astronomy).

Also don’t trust that link as it does not seem to agree with my scientific facts, therefore it is wrong and I am right.

First tip: get busy! There is nothing worse than going from nothing to nothing on a cold, rainy day. As a student, though you are procrastinating like a champ, you can find something to keep yourself busy. Listen to this playlist, and get something accomplished. It can be as little as cleaning your room or as big as starting your own government (you can join mine, it is beginning to gain lots of attention in my house).

This photo has nothing to do with the subject at hand, but this little wonderful human is my all time favorite person. He wanted to hug us all and said we were lovely and gave us maple taffy (it's a real thing)
This photo has nothing to do with the subject at hand, but this little wonderful human is my all time favorite person. He wanted to hug us all and said we were lovely and gave us maple taffy (it’s a real thing)

Second tip: exercise. I’m sorry to be that guy (girl), but your bum is begging for a run. It’s a real thing: you feel like crap if you aren’t moving! I know it’s hard, especially when it’s cold and rainy outside. Honestly, I’m the first to say I’d rather not get my hair wet and get run over in the rain. Do P90X and become incredibly sexy, fit and happy. Look at me using the Oxford Comma like a boss (right? was it okay?). The Oxford Comma is like the jumpsuit of writing – not everyone can reach that level of unicorn magic, and it’s super easy to look like a right fool while using it.

So I looked up Oxford Comma and I don’t think I got it right, but I learned a lot about the community defending this punctuation mark.

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

Third tip: eat right, or at least eat happy. If you are feeling down or if you’re in your hormonal shark week, having a healthy, balanced meal will be super helpful. You won’t feel as bloated, and you won’t feel too guilty when you have your obligatory chocolate binge at night while watching sad videos about puppies seeing their soldiers again (definitely got punched in the arm by the guys at school for tearing up about one of those this morning). Because I exercise almost every day, I tend to feel really happy getting a balanced meal in – feels like a waste if not. I got asked my diet by a few girls at school, so here it is:

  • I don’t eat gluten because I’m a hipster and also it kills my tummy since forever
  • I almost eat no sugar (I know I can Dr. Paul but I just don’t!)
  • I eat meat once a day, veggies/fruits at each meal
  • Breakfast is oatmeal and frozen strawberries + sugar-free peanut butter
  • Smoothies are my best friend
  • I eat dark chocolate any time I want because yolo (70% cocoa or more)
  • Coffee all day

It seems this diet has kept me at a stable weight, and sustains me through exercise and hours of studying.

Healthy food

Fourth tip: get outside, alone and with other humans. Humans are pretty wonderful sometimes, and they’re helpful in keeping you and me socially acceptable. During the blues, it’s good to have some times of sitting and reading alone, and times of getting a beer downtown with your fellow girls (Debo Baby, Momo and Lea Lama <3). Or just do what the mother ship and I do which is her showing me around the garden and pointing out future foods and it’s wonderfully fun and muddy.


Fifth tip: straight from the mother ship – light some candles. It’s a real family obsession, that fall only truly begins and is blessed from above with a good amount of Yankee Candles candles. Candles. We always go for the super Apple/Cinnamon/Sugar/Calories/Diabetes ones like this one. There is nothing lovelier than hearing the rain outside and having the warmth of a candle in your house. Add tea and a good book and you’re basically experiencing the happiness of a puppy hug. Fact.

Sixth tip: get a boyfriend. Just kidding. Boys are dumb and smell like wet dogs.


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