Take a plane, fly away

EDHEC School of Business is placed right in front of the main Nice airport. Throughout the day we watch planes come and go, bringing hundreds of passengers to cities all around the world. Every day I watch them soar away from this little place and all I can think is how much I too, want to fly away.

Flying may be scary for certain people, like my girl Maurane (I’ll hold your hand bro), and I definitely understand that. How is a tin box going to fly thousands of kilometres over the sea and not make you crash violently to your death? No idea honestly, read a Wikipedia article.

Boarding a flight for me is the most exciting thing. It means that for a few hours I will cross the world and land somewhere completely new or completely familiar. I’ll see the people I love somewhere far away and discover once again why different is okay. Cultures are confusing and frustrating and different from each other. Mama always said: “different is okay!”

I love that my first memory on a plane was a flight with Melissa and Mom going from Lyon to Ohio for Aunt Amy’s wedding. We were young and overwhelmed by the stress of flying without the father land and with too much luggage. Melissa got seated next to a beautiful, young, barbie-like couple; while I got seated between two fat Russian business men. That day my attraction to fat Russian men began – not really. They spent their time lunging over my tiny person discussing news (or anything else really, I had no idea) and probably planning a very angry and passionate attack against their diets. Pretty sure I became a tiny business woman that day and it’s only gone downhill from there.

My next memory is with my tiny handicapped mother. She isn’t truly handicapped but the few months prior to our trip to California (or Ohio?) her foot had been acting up and walking was really hard for her. Our flights were insane. This one was late, this one canceled – it was pretty fun. Before we found out the flight was canceled, we realised that we would have to walk at least a million kilometres from our gate to the next one. So, with the heroism of a tiny business dictator woman, I stole a wheelchair, made the mother figure topple into the chair and wheeled her into the glorious confort of being pushed at full speed through a crowded airport. With all the force we could muster we did not scream at the top of our lungs our joy and success. It was truly a foretaste of heaven.

“Flight xxx  has been canceled” the bored voice of a tired man said. Oh Lord Almighty that’s a bummer. I could see her eyes starting to blur slightly with onion ninja juice, but I had a plan. I wheeled her little handicapped body straight to the poor guy at the counter and stoically explained: “My mother is handicapped, she can’t sleep here – she will die!”. Seriously, the exaggeration is sinful I know but oh so effective. We were on a flight in the next hour, and I don’t think we will ever forget that trip to Ohio (or California?).


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  1. Anna says:

    Good stuff! Love it!

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