When a big choice needs to be made

I am almost always living without knowing where I’ll spend the next few months. I have to send out many applications, look for appartements in cities all over the world, all while staying focused on my current life.

One things I’ve learned is this: only I can contact companies for internships. Only I can look for the apartment and map out possibilities. My parents will not be the ones to organise my future, and I wouldn’t ask them to!

Be proactive, be brave, and be open to believing that you are worth a great future (or internship in my case). Though there may be a million reasons to go somewhere (or just one person), it is very smart to not close any doors. Who knows what can change before you have to make your choice? Though I have spent a few nervous evenings imagining myself working as a fruit picker in Spain, I know that through hard work I can land a great internship!

Though this may not be shared with all, I have a personal trust that God knows what he’s doing with me. With that kind of confidence in his attention to each detail of my life, I am much freer to dream and apply to jobs all over the world, trusting that wherever I go I will have a family, and a father who really likes me.

Maybe in a few months I’ll be able to happily tell you where I hoped I’d end up, versus where I actually go, Such an adventure! Oh the boy.


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