Top tips to making a home anywhere

“Home is where the heart is”.

You’ve heard it a million times, or seen it embroidered on a heart as you entered your grandma’s house.

We must face this reality: young adults who move around as much as me will be challenged with the idea of feeling at home – but it’s completely understandable for us to want to make a home in even the smallest of trips.

  1. Get Wifi up and running

No kidding – you may think you should start unpacking all your crap first, but I’m the first to know you will need music, Netflix, and Facebook. Make sure you get the best playlist possible ( is your buddy. Trust me), and get your bum moving.

2. Clean. Clean. Scrub. Clean

Who knows how grimy the student before you was? He probably sat completely naked on that chair you like so much while binge-watching Game of Thrones. Now, if you don’t feel like cleaning, just make sure you take care of the basics: vacuum, wipe the mirrors, clean the bathroom as thoroughly as possible, and do the same for your kitchen area.

You will not regret taking the time to do this – it will feel like your place, and you can quite literally scrub the other fat dude out.

3. Make your bedroom you!

My first year away from home was quite the emotional adventure. My first night consisted of ugly-crying in my new roommates arms until I was a snotty 18 year old baby. You will most likely go through a form of mourning (anywhere on the spectrum: from calm to ugly-crying like your girl Em).

Now, this helped me: I filled my room with reminders from Lyon. Candles, pictures, christmas lights on the wall and verses all over. It was probably quite chaotic for anyone coming from the outside, but from the start it felt like my room.

Make your bed, pick up that pile of clothing from the corner of your room, light a candle and read a book in your bed. Chill with tea brah.

4. Explore.

Outside your new home, there is a new city: even if you haven’t actually changed cities your perspective on it is different. If your new home is in Europe, walk! Go out there and be a tourist for the first week end. Go to every cliched area and pose for photos, take a tourist bus across the city and be amazed at these old cities around you. Speak the language, eat some croissants and drink black coffee on a terrasse – no sugar, chéri!





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  1. Vinh N says:

    Very helpful tips! Thank you for sharing:)
    Check out my latest post here

    1. Thanks for your comment! How’s Egypt treating you?

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