A building in Kingston

I’ve been following 5 courses: Business Law, Managing across cultures, Leadership, Business & Ethics, Interpersonal skills for managers. I’ve never felt like I actually could make a change in the world, whatever part I touch. For the first time, these professors tell us we can make a difference, we can be leaders on any path: through business, law, art, politics,… I think in my home school the students don’t believe in themselves, and don’t believe that business can mean something, it can be ethical, create jobs, friendships, make you into a leader. So we study, without too much passion, because it’s almost like the only path the studies will lead to don’t have any real value, they don’t mean much more than money and power, fame. It’s so easy to fall into that hopeless vicious cycle of cynicism. The teachers don’t help either: I can’t remember many moments when a teacher told me I could do something big, be someone important, be a leader, honor people. How is that possible? My brain has been put to sleep since the day I walked into my first class of school, when we stopped reading books and discovering the world for ourselves, and started learning a powerpoint by heart for a grade. Just for a grade. It just loses it’s value when it’s spit up by a teacher. Anyways, with already 2 weeks in Kingston, I finally got my frozen butt out of the house to take photos, and did not regret it at all ! While my lunch cooked inside, I visited the Lake I see outside my window each morning. I didn’t really visit much more than a 300 meter long dock, and went around this building. Even though I was being stalked by an interesting looking kidnapper, and had to fake call my father with my non responsive french phone, it ended up being very fun.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Lori says:

    Did you say “peacock” into the phone? I’m curious…

  2. Lori says:

    So when is your next poste? I need something good to read!

    1. Emilie says:

      Wow – true that ! I’ll look into it 🙂

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