‘Twas the day her body froze

I can understand how this would be shocking for most human beings, but the truth must come out at some point. Today, as I walked from my cute little house on Queen Street, my boogers froze. Like small polar bears, they started to make a frozen home in my nose. Like a little booger igloo, except less unattractive. To be completely honest, this was just an excuse for me to talk to myself and judge the cold with evil glares to the sky and curse the day noses were decided to be open, and too far up the face to be covered by my scarf, and too low for my hat to warm up. Anyways, as I walked my frozen derrière to Food Basics 3 minutes away, I noticed people didn’t really look at each other with disdain like the French do, but with compassion for the tough environment around us. It’s like we’re all a big family. Just kidding. No one actually looks at anyone because everyone is trying not to die. That being said, in the safety of a heated room (like a store), people are actually very kind and helpful.

Yesterday, the Crawfords were so kind and made me feel welcome to this town, and it’s so nice to actually talk to people from this time zone. I was starting to wonder if I wasn’t stuck in a nightmare where I keep trying to catch people, but my brain won’t let me tell my legs to move – time difference is tougher emotionally than practically I’m starting to think. We’ll see if that lasts when I get to know people here. Bref, we went to a restaurant, not sure what it was called, but the food was nice and warm, and it felt good to sit and talk with them. Now I know that if I get sick, they will for sure help out. Such a blessing !

I have had so many reasons to thank God this year: being able to do another year of school – how lucky is that? Coming to Canada, getting to know people this fast, having a warm home (slanted rooms are a thing here you know?) Interviews for internships, a ticket to Los Angeles to hang out with Jordan and Holly, spending Christmas with my family, having good friends, really good friends. And of course, a nose which is still holding on, hoping it doesn’t do a Michael Jackson.


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